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Altitude 2000m
Best Brew Espresso
Country Ethiopia
Farm Cooperative
Grind Aeropress, Cezve, Chemex, Cold Brew, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Stove Top, V60, Whole Beans
Origin Single
Process Natural
Region Bench Maji
Roast Medium light
Variety Heirloom
Weight 1kg, 200g
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Aftertaste: fruity

Fullness: medium body

Type: 100% Arabica

Why Specialty Coffee Ethiopia by DABOV?

Coffee beans Ethiopia by DABOV has a complex taste of berries, orange, and brown sugar.


Why did we choose it?

We are proud to present Ethiopia by DABOV. Jordan Dabov says that he likes to return to the homeland of coffee because Ethiopia always offers surprising flavor combinations. Ethiopian coffee is characterized by high fruit acidity. Ethiopia by DABOV combines enchanting notes of berries and orange, enriched with the sweetness of brown sugar.

The taste of Ethiopia by DABOV:

Our Ethiopia by DABOV has the aroma of fresh berries and orange, enriched with the elegant sweetness of brown sugar. An intoxicating tale.

Best brew?

We recommend brewing using the filtration method or espresso.

Where does it come from?

Specialty coffee from Ethiopia by DABOV was bred in Bench Maji. The dense forests in the area favor the conditions for growing first-class coffee. It is grown by farmers with small plantations that are part of Moplako. Moplaco is a trading system that provides small producers access to the foreign market. Experts taste the coffee and evaluate its quality and taste. Such an evaluation system guarantees that the coffee is of extremely high quality.


Heirloom is an exceptional variety of coffee that lives only in Ethiopia. According to the Oxford dictionary, “Heirloom” means a valuable item that belongs to a family and is passed down through the generations. In the coffee world, the term is used to refer to varieties that live in a certain area and develop over generations. These exotic and rare varieties are an exciting opportunity to try new flavors. Ethiopian Heirloom has a floral and fruity flavor profile, but specific characteristics vary greatly from region to region.

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