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Altitude 1100-1800m
Best Brew Aeropress, Cezve, Espresso
Certificates Rainforest Alliance
Farm Mix
Grind Aeropress, Cezve, Chemex, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Moka, V60, Whole Beans
Origin Blend
Process Pulped Natural, Washed
Region Central Africa, Latin America
Roast Medium dark
Variety Bourbon, Catuai
Weight 1kg, 200g
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Specialty Coffee House Blend Diablo has a rich taste of chocolate and nuts.
Aftertaste: Sweet
Saturation: Strong Body
Type: 100% Arabica

Why we chose Specialty coffee House Blend Diablo?

Specialty Coffee House Blend Diablo is 100% Arabica. It is a combination of the favorite coffees from Central Africa and Latin America. Jordan Dabov recommends it for a morning drink that wakes you up and fills your day with sweetness, just like the rich taste of dark chocolate.

The Taste of Specialty coffee House Blend Diablo:

Coffee beans House Blend Diablo is a morning ritual that fills your day with the sweetness of chocolate. This coffee has a strong body, chocolate notes and a hint of nuts.

Best brew:

We recommend preparing it with an aeropress, in a cezve or as an espresso.

Where does it come from?

All our blends are specially developed by Jordan Dabov and our team. The blends are 100% premium Arabica. We achieve a balance between flavors and aromas and get excellent results with the espresso machine.

Subscription for coffee of the month:

Subscribe to Coffee of the Month – We always choose special coffees. The goal is to try all our coffees and discover your taste. Subscribe to Coffee of the Month and you will have the opportunity to try 12 of our specialty coffees. When you buy your first subscription, you get a gift from us. Variety – Coffee House Blend Diablo is Bourbon and Catuai varieties.

The variety:

Specialty coffee House Blend Diablo is a coffee from Central and Latin America, including an excellent selection of coffees from Africa.

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