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Altitude 2380m
Best Brew Espresso, Filter
Country Ethiopia
Farm Leikun Zegeye
Grind Aeropress, Cezve, Chemex, Cold Brew, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Moka, Stove Top, V60, Whole Beans
Origin Single
Process Natural
Region Sidamo
Roast Light
Variety 74158
Weight 1kg, 200g
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About the coffee:

Specialty Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Morke
Notes: mango, tropical fruits and cocoa beans
Process: dry

Why we selected it?

Specialty Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Morke is a special choice of our coffee seeker Jordan Dubov. He selects this coffee especially for you because, according to him, the taste of the coffee transports you to the ancient culture and history of coffee – something you can feel even from the aroma of the coffee.

The taste:

In the flavor profile of the coffee, notes of mango, tropical fruits, and cocoa beans stand out most clearly filter or espresso.

Best Brew?

Jordan Dubov recommends that this specialty coffee be prepared using a filter or espresso machine. If you prepare Ethiopia Sidamo Morke ground coffee on a filter, you will feel more strongly the moderate balance between the fruit notes, which makes the coffee taste exotic. If you choose to make an espresso, you will enjoy an intense and dense taste with a pleasant acidity. Ethiopia Sidamo Morke.

Where does it come from?

Specialty coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Morke is grown in the Sidamo region, Ethiopia. It is one of the most famous and important coffee-producing areas in Ethiopia. The area is characterized by high mountains, rich volcanic soils, and abundant rainfall – factors that contribute to the unique taste and aroma of coffee. The coffees grown in the Sidamo region are some of the most desired and highly valued by coffee lovers around the world.

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