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Altitude 1780m
Best Brew Costa Rica
Farm La Ortiga
Grind Aeropress, Cezve, Chemex, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Moka, V60, Whole Beans
Origin Single
Process Anaerobic
Roast Medium light
Variety Catuai
Weight 1kg, 200g
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Rich taste notes of orange and sweetness of chocolate and cinnamon.

Aftertaste: Fruity
Saturation: light body
Type: 100% Arabica

Why choose Costa Rica by DABOV?

Our first anaerobic coffee Costa Rica by DABOV is back! La Ortiga Farm has once again achieved a remarkable taste. The rich aromas of Costa Rica by DABOV with orange and the sweet notes of cinnamon and chocolate develop precisely during the anaerobic treatment in hermetically sealed tanks. What the generous nature has given us is processed to perfection thanks to innovative processes in the industry for the production of specialty coffee.

The taste of Costa Rica by DABOV:

Rich taste notes of orange and lychee and sweetness of toffee and cinnamon.

Best brew:

We recommend preparing using hemex, V60 or espresso.

Where does it come from?

At the Finca La Ortiga coffee farm, Luis Campos passionately experiments with different coffee fermentation and drying methods that guarantee him excellent results. For anaerobic, the coffee is hulled and placed in fermentation tanks. After mixing well, the tanks are hermetically sealed. During fermentation, the resulting carbon dioxide exerts high pressure on the beans and allows the aromas of the coffee juices to penetrate the interior of the parchment.


Costa Rica BY DABOV variety is Cathuai. The name literally means “very good”. Cathuai coffee is known for its high quality. It is distinguished by its complex taste – sweetness and acidity, which complement each other. The Cathuai variety includes well-expressed acidity, and citrus notes. It has a light to medium body.

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